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It just didn’t click for me, at first, which is why I hadn’t felt a thing when I watched his death. I didn’t cry, I was surprised, and a little hurt, but the impact just wasn’t there. And finally,Β Kevin’s death hit me a couple of hours ago. It came hard, all the pain came rushing in out of nowhere because I see now, he’s really gone.Β Gone. And I remember how much he has grown as a character, the boy in advanced placement, who did not ask for any of this, thrust into a world he had no idea existed at such a young age. Man,Β he’s younger than me.Β 

We may have lost a Kevin tonight, but like Osric said, Kevin lives. In all of our hearts, and I will never forget the story of that brave boy fromΒ Neighbor, Michigan.

I know we talk about β€œoh, I’m crying” and β€œpoor baby”, but what this person just described are real stages of greif, that happen when a friend or family member or someone you care about dies, IN REAL LIFE. Because even more than Sam and Dean, Kevin represents us. He’s our friend, our brother, our little cousin we proudly watch grow up to be a wonderful, brave man. Because Kevin Tran is more than just a Winchester. He’s our family, too.

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